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We are a dedicated, international sports care and consultancy group for sportsmen and women.  We dovetail care in the form of physical and psychological welfare, and advice for a route within or away from sports.

Camino City’s mission is to ensure every individual has their own path and to provide the tools to go beyond sports. Taking a family first approach at the forefront, It is imperative that families and clients are intertwined through trust, transparency and confidence.


[kah-mee-noh] (masculine-noun) – Spanish.

  • Can mean path / course / road.
  • Embodies the idea of a journey, a route, and the paths we take in life.
  • Resonates with the idea of the pursuit of learning, growth and discovery.

Founder Profile

Joel Lawrence Hickman

From Manchester, England,  Joel has accumulated a host of experience abroad and in his sporting hometown. He has lived in 5 countries, understands several foreign languages, embedded cultures, and has an established global ecosystem.

Holding a 1st Class degree in Sports Management, Football Business and ambassadorial roles, Joel as a scholar has begun his doctorate to become a professor within the department of sport psychology; for instance, his project on pressures within youth and aftercare following deselection.

An agent for change, he obtains both FIFA and English licenses to represent clubs, players, and coaches, while advising pre/post career transitions in all arts of sports and disciplines.

Licenses No. – FIFA: 202310-4691 | England FA: FARA0468



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