Player Care

At Camino City, our core principles revolve around player welfare. It’s what sets us apart from other agencies. We firmly believe that the mental wellbeing of athletes is paramount for achieving outstanding careers.

Our services reflect this commitment.

Athlete Welfare & Wellbeing Support

  • Professional Mental Health Support in the Form of Counselling & Life Coaching.
  • Help to Alleviate Internal and External Pressures as Part of Being a Professional Athlete

Social Media & Culture Support

  • Build Presence and Purpose on Social Media.
  • Education on Abuse and Control.
  • Relocation/Adaption Assistance, Including Cultural Education & Foreign Language Education.

Technical Development

  • 1-to-1 Performance Training With Access to Facilities.
  • Injury Prevention Techniques & Recovery Methods.

Alumni & Academia

  • Connect with Former Athletes to Share Experiences & Stories.

  • Player Care Education Packages for Rosters; Advice on Higher Education Programs & Participation in Academic Research Studies.

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